Photoshopping Images


bushenosSenBan4653SullivanadjsmbushenosSenBan4653Sullivanadjsm Every photo can be enhanced in what's called "Post". This simply means that a photo can be cleaned up, cropped and areas can be darkened, lightened or colorized to make them look more like they actually looked when the photo was taken. You see, a camera does not have as much "dynamic range" as a human's eyes do, so enhancing the photo after if was taken is a very common occurrence in commercial photography.


Editing a photo to apply graphics and titles and borders and other parts from totally different images is also commonplace today. Almost anything is possible with enough time and talent.


If you'd like to have any of the images you see in these pages "enhanced" or "Photoshopped" as most people call it today, simply contact me. With years of experience and creativity, we can probably create the image you're looking for. 


Many customers ask "What does it cost to Photoshop my picture?" That's a hard question to answer, but if you can describe what you want, then I can give you an estimate. Banners (48"x 60") cost more than posters (20" x 30") but it takes the same amount of time to add in background stadium lights or fog or lightening, for example. Each project is different. If you want to do some cool stuff, just call.